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Perhaps you have heard about the local legislator in New Hampshire who just resigned amid the furor after his hateful statements about the lives of 'defective' people like me: that we should all be shipped to Siberia to freeze to death, thereby cleaning up the population.

It became a hotly shared link on Facebook, with lots of people making ageist remarks that really annoyed me about whether a 91-year-old should even be a legislator, others trying to make this a partisan issue, and many more not bothering to even read the original article, which showed quite clearly that the man was having issues of his own and should probably at the very least be evaluated for dementia.

That said, outrageous statements are outrageous, right? And perhaps you were shocked and outraged.

I have been paying attention to disability policy. And I wasn't shocked in the least.

Although Rep. Martin Harty is an extreme example of a certain kind of attitude, the fact is that most legislators, regardless of party, seem to hope that we will just go away. To me, it was refreshing to hear the honesty.

On both sides of the aisle (although leaning more heavily on the right side, to be fair), legislators cut benefits, don't fund enforcement of existing legislation leaving disabled people to sue instead of just file complaints, create byzantine and insulting policies for Medicare and Medicaid, ignore our calls for more humane, intelligent, and CHEAPER policy, and generally behave as if they wish we'd all just disappear.

At least Harty had the guts to say it.

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