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Haddayr Copley-Woods [userpic]


July 27th, 2010 (09:57 am)

Lino Lakes approves English-only resolution

I would like to call attention to this very important line in the article (emphasis mine):

"Officials acknowledge that the city, which is 92 percent white, has never spent money on translating documents because no one has ever asked them to."

This city full of white people (and a handful of SERIOUSLY freaked-out brown people) has passed a resolution banning something NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED THEM TO DO.

Seriously, white people. We need to GET A GRIP.

This fantasy that immigrants move here and don't want to learn English is just that: a FANTASY. And it's only been an issue since the immigrants became brown. There are towns in this state that STILL have German street signs. So don't you try to tell me this isn't about race.

Listen to this brilliant support of the measure by Area Resident Carl Elmquist, white guy (from the linked article):

Elmquist, the grandson of Swedish immigrants*, told the council he feels like he's watching his country go down the drain.

"I'm tired of going to restaurants, and I hear all the new families not speaking English," Elmquist said. "They speak whatever their native tongue is to their kid, and it doesn't seem to be any teaching of the young kids in their family any English."

OH MY GOD. You want families to struggle desperately in a language they are only just learning when they're trying to get their kids to stop making bubbles in the milk and kicking the lady's chair behind them? Just so you won't hear some Spanish and get the vapours?

New families are learning English like all new families have in this country: they take classes and learn the best they can (our ESL classes have waiting lists all over town), but they speak their native language at home because they are BUSY AND HAVE THINGS TO DO. Their kids pick up English more easily at school and help to teach it to their parents. That's how we've done it for generations.


Dear White People:
We will soon be in the minority in this country. There is nothing you can do about it. I understand this is scary. Being EVEN MORE RACIST and completely illogical will not make this any better. Get a grip! Stop being walking stereotypes! CALM DOWN.

No, I am not opening comments. I don't have time to deal with the stupid today.

*The significance of him being a Swedish-American might be lost on some non-Minnesotans reading this. The Swedes, after all of these generations here, still have Swedish-language newspapers and Swedish-language churches.

FOLLOW-UP ON THIS: Yep. This was fueled by an anti-immigration group: