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Autism treatments: Risky alternative therapies have little basis in science

From the Chicago Tribune: "Therapies amount to uncontrolled experimentation on children, investigation finds:"


It's nice to see reporters actually DOING THEIR JOBS. The article underscores a few things:
  1. Some parents are desperate enough to try anything "doctors" tell them to try.

  2. Some "doctors" are evil, greedy M.D.s quite willing to capitalize on this.

From the article:

"They really should be seeing treatment of patients with unproven therapies as dangerous experimentation," said pediatrician Dr. Steven Goodman, a clinical trial expert at the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. "The problem with uncontrolled experiments ... is that it is experimentation from which we can learn nothing."

You know what, then? We need to be pulling medical licenses from these doctors. And jailing them. This is criminal child abuse. And, even though I remember how frantically, desperately panicked I felt before we discovered blissful, wonderful, delightful Adderral, I think some of the parents in these extreme cases also need to be prosecuted. I do.

Before you jump in here and tell me I don't understand 'cause my kid is just an Aspie, please know the following things:

  1. The U of MN tested him right on the line between autism and Asperger's. He scored exactly in the middle. They rather arbitrarily assigned him "Asperger's" because of his verbal ability.

  2. The Psychiatric Association will soon remove Asperger's as a distinct diagnosis as it really has no meaning.

  3. I remember the fear, and the panic. I remember staring, wild-eyed, at janradder as it became clear that every single day Arie was going to punch a teacher in the eye, tear things off the walls, or flip his desk -- all the time laughing maniacally like the Joker. I remember the fear and the panic and the misery. Things are better with Arie now, but it wasn't always like this.

And even so? It never occurred to me to take him to some quack who would give him a test rigged for a false positive and hook him up to toxic substances, stuff him in a hyperbaric chamber, or give him drugs to suppress his testosterone (wtf?!?!).

Sure, Arie tried some alternative things: things that caused no harm, even if they didn't do much good: biofeedback. Craniosacral therapy (that actually DID help, even though there is no damn science behind it, but if it hadn't, it still wouldn't have harmed him). He takes absurd amounts of vitamins -- almost as many as I do. He practices yoga. Friends of mine have seen good results in withholding wheat gluten or red dye from their kids. But we drew the line at unproven things that could harm our children. Because that's what parents are supposed to do.

And, more the point, that's what doctors are supposed to do. These people should lose their licenses, their ill-begotten money, and their freedom.
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