Have a Heart of Fire; Have a Heart of Gold

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Haddayr Copley-Woods
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Dogwood Elementary School - Park Forest IL
Algonquin Primary Elementary School - Park Forest IL (1978 - 1981)
Talala Elementary School - Park Forest IL (1981 - 1982)
Deer Creek Junior High School - University Park IL (1982 - 1984)
Crete-Monee High School - Crete IL (1984 - 1986)
Northport High School - Northport NY (1986 - 1988)
Eugene Lang College - New York NY (1988 - 1992)
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - Minneapolis MN (1996 - 1999)
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asperger syndrome, autism, bodhran, ceili dancing, city life, disability rights, dorks, environmentalism, fighting disablism, fighting racism, folk dancing, folklore, gaelic tradition, gender equality, irish gaelic, irish tradition, multiple sclerosis, nerds, parenting, politics, science fiction, scottish tradition, sean nos, sf/fantasy, tourette syndrome, traditional music, unions, writing
I'm a fantasy writer, ad copywriter, and commentator/essayist. See my web page for my bibliography and a longer bio. 'Have a heart of fire, have a heart of gold' is from Johnny Crescendo's wonderful song "You Don't Need Sympathy When You've Got Soul." Check it at his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/johnnycrescendo

The more, the merrier; add away. I have had to stop automatically adding people back; I cannot keep track of my list as it is. I don't have many locked posts, though.

I won't fight with you here, but if you make a factually inaccurate, scientifically suspect, inflammatory, or merely annoying comment here, I will either correct the inaccuracy and freeze the thread or quietly delete it. That decision isn't up for debate or discussion, and I don't have to explain myself if I don't wanna.

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