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Haddayr Copley-Woods [userpic]

Barzak Day

August 28th, 2007 (05:54 pm)

Chris Barzak is a wonderful writer whose stories are clear, compelling, and often just a little bit deliciously creepy. He's also incredibly warm and welcoming to genre newcomers, writes beautifully of his time in Japan so that he brings tears to my eyes, and can rock the karaoke.

His book One for Sorrow is amazing. Okay. The parts of it I've read are amazing. I am going to go buy the book right now after I clear outta here (today was my last day at my current employer and I'm here after hours trying to clean things up for the next person so it looks slightly less like I bombed the place.)

Go here and do the same thing!

Why are you still here? Still not convinced? Okay. Read this:


Yeah. Now go buy his book.